Adina and Rudy’s e-session

Let me start from the beginning  on this one.  I met with Adina and Rudy a few months ago at Starbucks for the first time.  Adina and I talked on the phone prior to the meeting and she even sent me a few pictures of her and Rudy so it gave me a pretty good idea of what I’d be dealing with.

The short meeting at Starbucks confirmed what I had already suspected- these two are going to be a lot of fun.  We met for their engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago and let me say, Adina and Rudy did not let me down.  This couple knows how to rock it for the camera and have fun while their doing it.  They totally made my job easy because they’re so comfortable with each other and in front of my camera.  I was in tears the entire time from genuine laughter.  Their joy is contagious and I’m sure anyone who spends a little time with them will feel the same way.

Here’s a very small taste from the time we spent together.  I cannot wait for their October wedding and I’ve got a gut feeling that these two will be even more fun on their wedding day.  Thanks Adina and Rudy for having me take part in your big day.  See you soon!    :o)

Adina and Rudy-blog2

Adina and Rudy-blog3

Adina and Rudy-blog8

This next one is probably one of my favorites from the entire session.

Adina and Rudy-blog 5

Adina and Rudy-blog6

Adina and Rudy-blog7

Even a little kid-n-play in front of the church took place too.

Adina and Rudy blog9

Adina and Rudy-blog1

Even when I jokingly told them to give me “spirit fingers”, I was amazed at  how quickly they pulled it off for me.

Adina and Rudy-blog10

Adina and Rudy-blog9

Adina and Rudy-blog-4

Adina and Rudy- low res-23

Adina and Rudy- low res-10

Adina and Rudy- low res-35

Adina and Rudy- low res-58

There’s an  inside joke to this next image.  Adina and Rudy will find it funny and I’m sure someone else with overgrown grass will too.    ha ha

Adina and Rudy- low res-49

Adina and Rudy- low res-54

Adina and Rudy- low res-59

Adina and Rudy- low res-60

Adina and Rudy- low res-79

Adina and Rudy- low res-9

My boys

Being the busy mom that I am, I’m not always as good at getting pictures of my kids as I should be.  It’s a pretty lame excuse since their mom is a photographer but it’s just the facts.  I made it a point (with a little push from my mom who’s been wanting updated pictures of her grandsons) to sit them down and get some pictures.  Luckily I had my mom’s help and it was definitely needed.   I now know why I don’t tackle this chore on my own more often.

I love being a mommy and I’m very blessed to have 2 beautiful, happy and healthy children.  I often get asked if we’ll try for a girl and I quickly answer “no way”!  I don’t mind at all being surrounded by testosterone in our house.  I told my husband that one day we can get a girl dog and that’ll be just fine with me.   Until then, it’s me and my 3 guys.

Enjoy!    :o)


my blue eyed baby boy


the brown eyed big brother




Kim and Justin’s Wedding

Kim and Justin were married in July.  This couple is particularly special to me because they booked me to shoot their wedding before I had even picked up a camera to shoot a wedding.  I’m so honored that they had the faith in me to capture their beautiful wedding day at Club Continental.  As you can see, they’re a beautiful couple and I know they’ll have a long and happy marriage.  Thank you Kim and Justin!    :o)

Kim and Justin-blog1

Kim and Justin-blog2

Kim and Justin-blog3

Kim and Justin-blog4Justin gave Kim cards all day long.  Here’s the last one before the walk down the aisle.

Kim and Justin-blog6

Kim and Justin-blog5

Kim and Justin-blog7

Kim and Justin-blog9

Kim and Justin-blog10

Kim and Justin-blog 12

Kim and Justin-blog11

Kim and Justin-blog8

Adina and Rudy – engagement session Sneak Peek

Yesterday evening, I met up with Adina and Rudy in San Marco for their engagement session.  The wedding will be in October and I can hardly wait.  If the wedding is even half as fun as their engagement session, it’ll be a blast for sure!!!  

Here’s a sneak peak.  Stay tuned for the official blog post soon.      :o)


Adina and Rudy-567

Marcia and Josh

I really don’t even know where to start when talking about Josh and Marcia’s wedding.  There is so much I can say about this beautiful couple.  I met Marcia and Josh shortly before their wedding date and it was due to some outside circumstances that brought us together.  I am so happy to say that I know Marcia and Josh.  I learned a lot about them while I was while talking to all of the wonderful family and friends who came out to celebrate this special occasion with them.  I have no doubts that these two will go far in life and accomplish all that they set out to do.  The reception was a blast!  It honestly didn’t fee like work and the smiles were contagious.  I couldn’t help but walk around with a permanent smile on my face from start to finish!  Marcia and Josh had the best first dance I’ve ever witnessed.  They worked on a choreographed dance together and it blew the crowd away!  

Thank you Marcia and Josh for having me as your wedding photographer!!!  I started with a bride and groom and ended up with two new friends.  

For all of you football fans. . . keep you eyes on the sidelines.  I have a feeling that this isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of Josh.  :o)

Marcia and Josh-blog board 2

Marcia and Josh- blog 10

Marcia and Josh- blog 9

Marcia and Josh- blog 1

Marcia and Josh- blog 11

Marcia and Josh- blog 12

I just LOVE this one of the grandmas! 

Marcia and Josh- blog 3

Marcia and Josh- blog 6

Here’s a sample from that awesome first dance! 

Marcia and Josh- blog 5

Marcia and Josh- blog 7

Marcia and Josh- blog 8

Marcia and Josh- blog 4

Congratulations Josh and Marcia!!!    


Dana     :o)