Beckie and Caleb’s e-session | sneak peek

I had fun with you two.  Here’s a little peek from our session tonight.  More to follow soon. . . . .

e-session   Beckie and Caleb-1060
e-session   Beckie and Caleb-1209e-session   Beckie and Caleb-1056

Senior Session with Robin

I spent the morning with Robin in St Augustine for her Senior Session.  She’s a special young lady and I’ve had the honor of knowing her for a few years thanks to her mom, who is one of the nicest people I know.  Here’s a few from our time together.  Robin, you’re beautiful and I had fun hanging out with you.   :o)

Robin Carlson-20-Edit

Robin Carlson-371-Edit

This next one actually has a story behind it.  Robin and I were driving and I suddenly saw a big, rusty truck with a sign on the back that said-

“Auggie Bog- Mud Bogging Today”

As long as I’ve lived in St Augustine, I’ve never before seen this sign and it was too good to pass up.  I like the feel of the photo though and I think it turned out cute.   I’m sure we just looked like goofy tourists to anyone driving by though.

Robin Carlson-76-Edit

Robin Carlson-203-Edit

Robin Carlson-291-Edit

Robin Carlson-259-Edit-Edit

Lorraine and Joshua’s wedding {sneak peek}

A little taste from Lorraine and Joshua’s beach wedding yesterday in Ponte Vedra.

Lorraine and Joshua_0104-1-Edit
Lorraine and Joshua_0164-1

Lorraine and Joshua_0254-1-Edit

Lorraine and Joshua_0028-1-Edit