St Augustine Wedding Photographer | Erica & Mike

Erica and Mike’s St Augustine wedding met all of my expectations.  You may remember their hot engagement session from a few months ago.  I have been looking forward to shooting their wedding for a while now and I’m happy to finally share what I captured on their special day.

The day started out with me taking some getting ready shots of the girls at Erica’s hotel room.  When I shoot a wedding, I really prefer to do a long day.  I think it’s important to be able to tell a story and for me, I like to have time to stand back, observe and shoot what’s happening around me without being too intrusive.

After I spent some time with Erica, it was time for me to head down to the hotel where the guys were staying.  This next shot is what I found when I got there.  They were nowhere near being ready!  

After a quick jump in the pool and a few minutes to get dressed, Mike and the guys were ready for me to shoot them.

I love the eggplant purple that Erica chose.

Her bouquet was absolutely gorgeous!

Erica and Mike decided to do a “first look” and take care of all their formal shots before the wedding.  It turned out great because they scheduled about 2 hours for us to walk from the Hilton on the bay front to the Oldest House which is where the ceremony took place.  I totally recommend couples do a “first look”.  It’s nice to be able to get some really great shots and then after the ceremony is over, there’s not wait time to enjoy the reception. 

It’s always great to catch that initial reaction from the groom and bride when they see each other for the first time.

I’m not really sure about this next one but I think it’s something from the movie Talladega Nights.

A little stop at OC Whites for a group shot!  Whoo hoo!

Okay, this next one has to be one of my favorites from the day.  Since I’m a mom and I have a toddler, I’m just automatically drawn to the babies at weddings.  I find myself wanting to scoop them up and love on them.  This little girl was so stinkin’ cute it’s not even funny. 

And these too.  Love them!  I couldn’t pick just one because they are too cute!

They had a really short and sweet ceremony.  There was no time to waste because there was a serious party waiting for them over at The White Room

Waiting on the trolley to take the group over to The White Room.  There was never a dull moment and that’s the way I like it.  It keeps the day fun and makes for great pictures. 

I LOVE this next one from Erica and Mike’s first dance.

This is definitely my first time seeing a groom’s cake like this.  Very cool. 

Thank you Erica and Mike for having me along to shoot your wedding!  I had an awesome time and you two certainly know how to throw a party.  Enjoy your pictures.    :o)

Best wishes!



St Augustine Wedding Photographer | Shanna & Adam | Sneak Peek

Just a little peek from Shanna and Adam’s St Augustine wedding on Saturday.  Enjoy!

St Augustine Wedding Photographer | Dana Goodson Photography

St Augustine Wedding Photographer | Beckie & Caleb

Beckie and Caleb were married a few weeks ago in St Augustine.  It was a gorgeous day for their wedding.  The married at United Methodist Church in St Augustine and their reception was at The White Room.  Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Thank you Beckie and Caleb for having me along for you special day.  I had a great time and I wish you the best.



I love how you can see the pastor smiling here.    😀

They had the St Augustine Trolly take everyone from the church to The White Room.  Such a great idea for any of you who are getting married in St Augustine.

One of my favorites from the night.  I love the look on his face!

St Augustine Wedding Photographer | Erica & Mike | Sneak Peek

Here’s Erica and Mike’s sneak peek from their awesome wedding last Saturday in St Augustine.  It was a very, very cool wedding and reception with lots of great pictures that I can’t wait to share.  More to follow soon!

St Augustine Wedding Photographer | Dana Goodson Photography

Ponte Vedra Beach Wedding Photographer | Kristie & Matt

I love me some Kristie and Matt!  There is something about these two that really makes anyone who meets them just fall in love with them.  They are funny and always keep me laughing.  I am so happy that they have found each other and it’s clear that they are too.  I was so happy to be their wedding photographer and I am even happier to have them as my new friends.

Their wedding took place in Ponte Vedra Beach at the home of Matt’s sister and brother in law.  They were joined by their closest family and friends.  It warmed my heart to witness the love that everyone shares for Matt and Kristie.

As I’ve been looking through all of their images from the day, I’ve been catching myself smiling at my computer screen.  It was a really great wedding and reception and everyone made me feel at home.

Thank you to Kristie and Matt for having me be a part of your day.



Hi Ford!  This is Kristie and Matt’s dog, Ford.  He came along for their engagement session and was part of the ceremony too.  

Kristie getting her dose of beta carotene before saying the big “I do”.  Even though it’s kind of a silly shot, I think Kristie looks really pretty here with her carrot.  

This is one of the many things they do that make me smile.    😀

This next one was a series of 4 images of Matt and his sister and brother and I couldn’t resist posting this.  This is a small taste of the fun everyone had.

And this one too.  Just makes me laugh.

Congratulations to the two of you!  Please look me up next time you come back to town!