Declaration Boutique and Events | St Augustine, Florida

I’ve recently had the honor or meeting Lara Kocerka of Declaration Boutique and Events in St Augustine.  I’m all about supporting the local businesses in my area and it’s refreshing to have Lara on the local wedding scene.  Every time I walk in her shop, I just look around and admire the great items she has.

As a wedding photographer, I love it when brides and grooms take the time to make their wedding really personal.  Sure you can get married at a beautiful venue but if you really, really give it a little extra effort to add those little details that make your event truly unique, you and your guests will really notice.  Or better yet, find a really simple venue and transform it with some of the great ideas that Lara has.  She not only has really cool products but she is also an event designer.  So if you’re like me and have no idea where to start when it comes to making an event beautiful, Lara can help you out in that department.

If you have not been into her boutique, you should definitely stop by.  You will be greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. Declaration Boutique has been a vision of hers for several years and with the help of her family, it has finally come into fruition.  Not only is each and every item very unique but so is the furniture that holds the items.  I learned that most of the pieces have been hers and her family’s for years.  So very cool!

These must be the cutest birthday hats around. The ring bearer bowls are so beautiful.  I like that they can be multi functional as a ring bearer bowl on wedding day and a ring dish that you can leave by your sink for later. These neck ties and bow ties and so cute!If you walk in, this is what you’ll likely see.  Lara also has a consultation area in back to help you create the perfect event.  Her invitations are gorgeous!Not only does she have wedding stuff but some really cute baby gifts as well.If you’re having a photobooth at your wedding, the next items are a must have!

For all of those Starbucks fans, this next item is perfect for your shower or rehearsal dinner.  Love it!And last but not least, meet Lara!  She’s the mastermind behind all of these amazing ideas.   If you’re on facebook, you can “like” the Declaration Boutique page here.

Jacksonville Wedding Photographer | Meli & Brennan | Engagement Session

I met up with Meli and Brennan for their engagement session recently.  We thought Jax Beach would be a great spot since they spend a lot of time there and signifies the start of their relationship.  I am super excited about their wedding next year at the Ribault Club!  When I met with them earlier this summer, Meli shared some of her amazing ideas and this wedding will definitely be full of great style.

Here are a few of my favorites from our time together.  You two were awesome and I’ll see you in March!



It was really important that we stopped by Fionn MacCool’s which is a local Irish Bar.  This is the actual spot where Meli & Brennan decided to start dating.   Another spot we decided to hit was the Casa Marina.  They have a great bar upstairs.  Meli, you are so beautiful!  Those blue eyes are fierce!  

Jacksonville Beach Engagement Session | Meli & Brennan | Sneak Peek

These two are just tooooo cute.  I don’t know how in the world I keep lucking up with the best couples, but I do and I love it!    :o)

Here’s a sneak peek from Meli and Brennan’s engagement session that we shot in Jacksonville Beach last night.

More to follow soon. . .



St Augustine Wedding Photographer | Terri & Mike are engaged!

I met up with Terri and Mike a couple of weeks ago for their St Augustine engagement session.  They had some really great ideas and decided to bring their dog Oli for the shoot!  I love it when couples get creative and really try to make their session unique and a reflection of their personalities.    Here are a few of my favorites.

I know that their October wedding will be beautiful and I’m excited to be a part of their day.

Oli was such a good dog!  

See you both in October!