St Augustine Wedding | River House Events | Jenna & Peter

Jenna & Peter’s beautiful St Augustine wedding was so much fun to shoot and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it.  We met for the first time on the wedding day and I knew immediately that the day would be a good one.  Jenna & Peter were incredibly laid back and easy to photograph.  If you top that off with a fun bridal party, an amazing list of vendors and beautiful weather, the day couldn’t have been any better.

Since today is the day before Thanksgiving, it’s only fitting that I mention how thankful I am for all of my amazing couples. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love so much.  Thanks to each and every one of you!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Ceremony/reception : River House Events

Wedding planner : Lindsay with Coastal Celebrations

Flowers : The Conservatorie

Videographer : Illumination Films

Hair/makeup : Amanda Hopcraft

Ceremony music : Wehner Weddings

Reception music : Rivertown Band

Officiant : Craig Grandstaff

River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter01 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter02 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter03 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter04 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter05 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter06 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter07 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter08 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter09 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter10 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter11 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter12 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter13 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter14 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter15 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter16 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter17 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter18 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter19 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter20 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter21 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter22 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter23 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter24 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter25 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter26 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter28 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter29 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter30 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter31 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter32 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter33 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter34 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter35 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter36 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter37 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter38 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter39 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter40 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter41 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter42 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter43 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter44 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter45 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter46 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter47 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter48 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter49 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter50 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter51 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter52 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter53 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter54 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter55 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter56 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter57 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter58 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter59 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter60 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter61 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter62 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter64 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter65 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter66 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter67 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter68 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter69 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter70 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter71 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter72 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter73 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter74 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter75 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter76 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter77 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter78 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter79 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter80 River House Wedding_Jenna&Peter81

St Augustine Wedding | Oldest House & Treasury on the Plaza | Sara & Jake

Sara & Jake’s wedding day was incredible!  They were blessed with gorgeous October weather for their outdoor ceremony at the Oldest House and had a fun filled party at The Treasury on the Plaza.  This was my first time shooting at the Treasury and it was every bit at beautiful as I knew it would be.  On top of that, they had an amazing vendor team with some of my favorite people to work with so the day was a success.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day!

Ceremony : The Oldest House

Reception : The Treasury on the Plaza

Wedding Planner : Dawn at The Wedding Authority

Flowers : Lori Parker Floral Studios

Band : The Royals

Makeup & Hair : Amanda Hopcraft

Officiant : Peggy LaRoche


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Jacksonville Wedding | Bowing Oaks Plantation | Alicia & Ricky

Congratulations Alicia & Ricky!  Even though the summer Florida showers paid a visit on their wedding day, everything was beautiful and everyone had a great time.  I really enjoyed working with Alica & Ricky, along with their sweet families and fun bridal party.  They were all great sports about braving the weather to  take advantage of the beautiful property for a few photos.  Working with a top notch vendor team made the day even better!

Ceremony & Reception : Bowing Oaks Plantation

Wedding planner : Heather Canada with First Coast Weddings and Events

Flowers : Glenn Certain

Videographer : Take One Productions

Makeup : Kendra Chaney

Hair : The Brick Haus Salon

Caterer : Mai Oui


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Jacksonville Wedding | Esther & Matt

I’m so excited to share Esther & Matt’s beautiful wedding!  I love shooting at private property and even though the rain paid us a visit shortly before the ceremony, the weather cleared up enough so that Esther & Matt were able to have their sweet ceremony under the big beautiful oak tree in her grandfather’s front yard.  It warms my heart to see couples truly enjoy their wedding day and this one was no exception.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day!

Flowers : Rose of Sharon

Band : The Royals

Caterer : PJs Catering

Planner : Dairing Events

Makeup : Maureen Riley

Hair : Once Upon a Stylist

Paper : Heather O’Brien

Cakes : Alley Cakes


Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt001Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt003 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt004 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt005 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt006 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt007 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt008 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt009 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt010 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt011 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt012 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt013 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt014 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt015 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt016 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt017 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt018 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt019 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt020 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt021 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt022 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt023 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt024 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt025 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt026 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt027 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt028 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt029 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt030 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt031 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt032 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt033 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt034 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt035 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt036 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt037 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt038 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt039 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt040 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt041 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt042 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt043 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt044 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt045 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt046 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt047 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt048 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt049 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt050 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt051 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt052 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt053 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt054 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt055 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt056 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt057 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt058 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt059Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt061 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt062 Jacksonville Wedding |Esther & Matt063

Palm Coast Wedding | Hammock Dunes | Chelsea & Ben

I had been looking forward to working with Chelsea & Ben at their Hammock Dunes wedding since we first met.  They have been one of the easiest and sweetest couples to work with and I always enjoy shooting a a venue that I haven’t worked at before.  Hammock Dunes was great and I hope to be back from many more weddings.  I love outdoor ceremonies and the weather that day could not have been more perfect.  I’m so thankful to have been a part of their special day.  As always, it’s difficult to narrow down my favorites but here are a few.

Ceremony/reception : Hammock Dunes

Wedding planner : Donna Crane with Knotical Weddings

Videographer : Illumination Films

Officiant : Wiley Lowe

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