Palm Coast Wedding | Hammock Dunes | Chelsea & Ben

I had been looking forward to working with Chelsea & Ben at their Hammock Dunes wedding since we first met.  They have been one of the easiest and sweetest couples to work with and I always enjoy shooting a a venue that I haven’t worked at before.  Hammock Dunes was great and I hope to be back from many more weddings.  I love outdoor ceremonies and the weather that day could not have been more perfect.  I’m so thankful to have been a part of their special day.  As always, it’s difficult to narrow down my favorites but here are a few.

Ceremony/reception : Hammock Dunes

Wedding planner : Donna Crane with Knotical Weddings

Videographer : Illumination Films

Officiant : Wiley Lowe

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Ponte Vedra Wedding | TPC Sawgrass | Lauren & Shaughn

I met Lauren & Shaughn for the very first time on their wedding day at TPC Sawgrass.  Right away, I knew it would be a good day because of the warm welcome I received.  If you combine that with a gorgeous couple, one of my favorite venues and working with some of my favorite vendors, there was no way it couldn’t help but be a great wedding day.  Despite the rain, these two had a great time with each other and their guests.  I love seeing true happiness and emotion from my couples, because it makes for the best photos.  They had great food, dancing,  limbo and a sparkler exit to finish out the night.  I loved being a part of their day!

Ceremony/reception : TPC Sawgrass

Flowers : Tiffany with Liz Stewart Floral Design

Makeup : Kimtasha Armstrong

Hair : Grazyna Mercado


TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 001 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 002 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 003 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 004 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 005 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 006 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 007 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 008 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 009 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 010 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 011 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 012 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 013 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 014 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 015 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 016 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 017 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 018 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 019 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 020 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 021 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 022 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 023 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 024 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 025 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 026 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 027 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 028 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 029 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 030 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 031 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 032 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 033 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 034 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 035 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 036 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 037 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 038 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 039 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 040 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 041 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 042 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 043 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 044 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 045 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 046 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 047 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 048 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 049 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 050 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 051 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 052 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 053 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 054 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 055 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 056 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 057 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 058 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 059 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 060 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 061 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 062 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 063 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 064 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 065 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 066 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 067 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 068 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 069 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 070 TPC wedding | Lauren & Shaughn 071

Orlando Wedding | Annunciation Catholic Church & Citrus Club | Cara & Lee

Cara & Lee’s Orlando wedding has been one I’ve been looking forward to for nearly two years.  They are such an amazing couple and what makes them even better is that they are great friends with two of my past couples, Kate & Mike and Eileen & Emil.  I love working with friends and family of past clients!

Their day was absolutely perfect and I am so happy that they allowed me to be a part of it.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day.  Enjoy!

Ceremony : Annunciation Catholic Church

Reception : Citrus Club

Hair & makeup : LeJeune Hair and Makeup Artistry

DJ : Weddings Only DJ Entertainment

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Ponte Vedra Wedding | Leena & Danny

I just realized I forgot to blog one of my favorites from last year!  Leena & Danny had a spectacular wedding in Ponte Vedra.  Even though it rained and the Plan B had to be implemented, it was still amazing and they had one of the best parties I’ve witnessed yet!

Wedding planner : Cate Bates

Flowers : Cypress Floral Design

Reception : Ponte Vedra Inn & Club

Makeup : Paulina Perez

Hair : Casey Powell with Casey Does Hair

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Casa Monica Wedding | Melissa & Mike

Every now and then I shoot weekday weddings, which is actually really fun for me because it mixes things up a bit.  Working with Melissa & Mike for their Casa Monica wedding was just was I needed to help kick off the new year.  We met for the first time the day before the wedding because they decided to travel from Ohio, along with their closest family and friends, for their destination wedding in the nation’s oldest city.  I loved her bouquet and the pops of red she incorporated into the day.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

Ceremony/reception : Casa Monica

Ceremony & reception music : Wehner Weddings

Flowers : Rachael Kasie Designs

Hair : Casey Powell

Makeup : Jill Stonier

Videography : Illumination Films

Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography001 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography002Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography004 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography005 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography006 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography007 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography008 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography009 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography010 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography011 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography012 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography013 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography014 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography015 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography016 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography017 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography018 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography019 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography020 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography021 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography022 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography023 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography024Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography026 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography027 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography028 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography029 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography030 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography031 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography032 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography033 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography034 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography035 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography036 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography037 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography038 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography039 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography040 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography041 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography042 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography043 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography044 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography045 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography046 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography047 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography048 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography049 Casa Monica Wedding | Dana Goodson Photography050