St Augustine Wedding Photographer | Kerrie & Daniel | Engagement Session

Last week, I met up with Kerrie and Daniel for their engagement session in San Marco.  It was actually our first time meeting even though they booked me in January to shoot their November wedding.  I was so excited to finally meet them face to face!  Let me just say, they were definitely worth the wait.  They are so cute !  Not to mention, extremely photogenic.  It totally made my part a lot easier.  We had a great time talking and shooting in various San Marco locations and we also took a short drive into downtown Jacksonville. I’m so excited about their wedding later this fall.  No doubt it will be full of great style and lots of fun. Kerrie and Daniel, thanks for having me document this special time in your relationship! XOXO Dana Kerrie has these amazing blue eyes.  Gorgeous!The next 6 images are courtesy of Bistro Aix in San Marco.  Thanks to Chris (the manager on duty when we stopped by) for allowing us to take some shots in the restaurant and bar!  You’re awesome!

St Augustine Wedding Photographer | Kerrie & Daniel | Engagement Session Sneak Peek

Just one of the many beautiful pics from Kerrie and Daniel’s engagement session on Wednesday night.  More to follow soon……

Adina & Rudy | Jacksonville Wedding

I have been waiting and looking forward to the opportunity to post about this wedding.  Here, I’m blogging about the wedding of Adina and Rudy that I had the pleasure to shoot a few weeks ago.  There is so much I can say about this couple.  From the first time I met the two of them at Starbucks and the St Johns Town Center, I had a good feeling that they would forever be a very special couple in my journey of photographing weddings.  You may remember their engagement session from a few months ago.

They were married in San Marco and were surrounded by a small group of family and friends.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that this special group of people were very much like the unique couple who were about to be joined in holy matrimony.  If you haven’t had the privilege of spending time with Rudy and Adina, you are missing out.  There is a joy and happiness about them that is contagious and I’m sure anyone who knows them will know exactly what I mean when I say that.  The very short time I have known them, I have witnessed a union that is truly a match made in heaven.

Adina and Rudy, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding.  It was an honor to be able to capture your beautiful day and  I wish you both a long and happy marriage.

Here’s a glimpse of their day.   Enjoy !

Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1001Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1004Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1018Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1025Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1027Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1029Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1037Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1039Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1056Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1059Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1065Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1073Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1061Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1078Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1082Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1085Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1096

Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1095Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1101
Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1102Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1103Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1115Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1126Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1133Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1154Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1159Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1172Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1203Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1205Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1209Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1221Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1223Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1224Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1225Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1228Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1230Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1234Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1294Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1301Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1307Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1309Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1311Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1324Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1326Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1329Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1331Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1334Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1336Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1339Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1341Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1345Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1353Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1354Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1357Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1361Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1364Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1388Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1391Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1404Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1413Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1416Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1418Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1419Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1455Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1460Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1461Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1574Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1668Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1670Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1671Adina and Rudy-High Res Wedding-1707

Adina & Rudy | wedding sneak peek

There’s lots to say about this wedding but I’m going to save it for the official blog post.  In the mean time, here’s one of the images from the intimate ceremony I had the honor of photographing yesterday.  Adina and Rudy, enjoy your sneak peek.    :o)   This is all you get for now.  More good stuff on the way.

wedding-Adina and Rudy-1570

Adina and Rudy’s e-session

Let me start from the beginning  on this one.  I met with Adina and Rudy a few months ago at Starbucks for the first time.  Adina and I talked on the phone prior to the meeting and she even sent me a few pictures of her and Rudy so it gave me a pretty good idea of what I’d be dealing with.

The short meeting at Starbucks confirmed what I had already suspected- these two are going to be a lot of fun.  We met for their engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago and let me say, Adina and Rudy did not let me down.  This couple knows how to rock it for the camera and have fun while their doing it.  They totally made my job easy because they’re so comfortable with each other and in front of my camera.  I was in tears the entire time from genuine laughter.  Their joy is contagious and I’m sure anyone who spends a little time with them will feel the same way.

Here’s a very small taste from the time we spent together.  I cannot wait for their October wedding and I’ve got a gut feeling that these two will be even more fun on their wedding day.  Thanks Adina and Rudy for having me take part in your big day.  See you soon!    :o)

Adina and Rudy-blog2

Adina and Rudy-blog3

Adina and Rudy-blog8

This next one is probably one of my favorites from the entire session.

Adina and Rudy-blog 5

Adina and Rudy-blog6

Adina and Rudy-blog7

Even a little kid-n-play in front of the church took place too.

Adina and Rudy blog9

Adina and Rudy-blog1

Even when I jokingly told them to give me “spirit fingers”, I was amazed at  how quickly they pulled it off for me.

Adina and Rudy-blog10

Adina and Rudy-blog9

Adina and Rudy-blog-4

Adina and Rudy- low res-23

Adina and Rudy- low res-10

Adina and Rudy- low res-35

Adina and Rudy- low res-58

There’s an  inside joke to this next image.  Adina and Rudy will find it funny and I’m sure someone else with overgrown grass will too.    ha ha

Adina and Rudy- low res-49

Adina and Rudy- low res-54

Adina and Rudy- low res-59

Adina and Rudy- low res-60

Adina and Rudy- low res-79

Adina and Rudy- low res-9