St Augustine Wedding Photographer | Jeny & Justin are engaged!

I met up with Jeny and Justin last weekend to shoot their St Augustine engagement session while they were in town from Atlanta.  I was so happy to finally meet them in person and I’m even more excited about their September wedding and River House reception.




St Augustine Wedding Photographer | Caroline & Rob | Engagement Session | Sneak Peek

Caroline and Rob, here’s your sneak peek!  You’ll have to wait until I get back from Atlanta to see the rest but I promise, it’ll be worth the wait. ;o)



St Augustine Wedding Photographer | Erica & Mike

Erica and Mike’s St Augustine wedding met all of my expectations.  You may remember their hot engagement session from a few months ago.  I have been looking forward to shooting their wedding for a while now and I’m happy to finally share what I captured on their special day.

The day started out with me taking some getting ready shots of the girls at Erica’s hotel room.  When I shoot a wedding, I really prefer to do a long day.  I think it’s important to be able to tell a story and for me, I like to have time to stand back, observe and shoot what’s happening around me without being too intrusive.

After I spent some time with Erica, it was time for me to head down to the hotel where the guys were staying.  This next shot is what I found when I got there.  They were nowhere near being ready!  

After a quick jump in the pool and a few minutes to get dressed, Mike and the guys were ready for me to shoot them.

I love the eggplant purple that Erica chose.

Her bouquet was absolutely gorgeous!

Erica and Mike decided to do a “first look” and take care of all their formal shots before the wedding.  It turned out great because they scheduled about 2 hours for us to walk from the Hilton on the bay front to the Oldest House which is where the ceremony took place.  I totally recommend couples do a “first look”.  It’s nice to be able to get some really great shots and then after the ceremony is over, there’s not wait time to enjoy the reception. 

It’s always great to catch that initial reaction from the groom and bride when they see each other for the first time.

I’m not really sure about this next one but I think it’s something from the movie Talladega Nights.

A little stop at OC Whites for a group shot!  Whoo hoo!

Okay, this next one has to be one of my favorites from the day.  Since I’m a mom and I have a toddler, I’m just automatically drawn to the babies at weddings.  I find myself wanting to scoop them up and love on them.  This little girl was so stinkin’ cute it’s not even funny. 

And these too.  Love them!  I couldn’t pick just one because they are too cute!

They had a really short and sweet ceremony.  There was no time to waste because there was a serious party waiting for them over at The White Room

Waiting on the trolley to take the group over to The White Room.  There was never a dull moment and that’s the way I like it.  It keeps the day fun and makes for great pictures. 

I LOVE this next one from Erica and Mike’s first dance.

This is definitely my first time seeing a groom’s cake like this.  Very cool. 

Thank you Erica and Mike for having me along to shoot your wedding!  I had an awesome time and you two certainly know how to throw a party.  Enjoy your pictures.    :o)

Best wishes!



Unforgettable Events. . . . and a little about my fish phobia :o)

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of meeting Dan Hathcock and Barbara Fulmer at Unforgettable Events.  Well, let me say the name of their company is totally appropriate for the type of work they do.  They create the most amazing event decor and transform entire spaces to make each event unique and special.  It it completely Unforgettable.

Brides and grooms!  If you want your wedding to be the talk of the town, you need to contact Unforgettable Events.  They will most definitely make your wedding day as beautiful as you can imagine.

Last week, they were in my neck of the woods for some weddings and asked if I would photograph some of their latest creations.  I LOVE photographing details and when I can get my camera on the type of creations that they come up with, I jump at the chance.

First stop was at the Renaissance Resort here at World Golf Village.

Next stop, Marine Land!  Some of you may remember me mentioning facing a phobia of mine on my twitter page and facebook page last week.  Well, wait no longer, you will now know what I’m referring to.  I’ll explain everything for you.

My closest family and friends know that I am seriously afraid of fish. . . . . . yes, I said it. . . . . fish.  I don’t want anything to do with aquariums, fish on TV or fish at the seafood counter at Publix.  I like to eat fish, but it just can’t look like a fish.  I don’t mean Long John Silvers rectangle fish but I mean it can’t have the head or tail on it.  Don’t ask me to explain, I’ve been this way as long as I can remember.  Maybe it all stems back to my mom and dad forcing me go on the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride at Disney World (keeping my eyes closed the entire time) when I was a kid.  Thanks Mom and Dad!    :o)

Now when it comes to business, I never want my clients or peers to think my own hang ups will get in the way of my work.  I’m always up for a challenge and I love, love, love photographing details at weddings.  This is why, when Barbara asked me about this Marine Land shoot, I decided for the sake of business and art, I would try and face my fears, not really knowing what to expect because I haven’t been to Marine Land in many, many years.  In fact, the last time I was there, I think I was about 8 years old, I distinctly remember a tank with an electric eel and it was growling at me!  I’m pretty sure my mom thought I was faking and she probably doesn’t even remember this but I do and all I know is I never wanted to go to Marine Land again!

Fast forward 24 years later. . . . . . . . . here I am back at Marine Land!

For any of you brides looking for a great place to get married, please check out Marine Land.   This is a great place for an outside wedding with views of the beach.  They have a huge tent which is where the reception was held for this particular wedding.

Every time I see Dan’s creations, I am always amazed at every little detail that goes into each piece.  

It was all so gorgeous!  This is major eye candy. 

Now I’m stepping outside where the actual wedding will take place.  You can see the gorgeous beach behind where the ceremony takes place.  This is the perfect option for those wanting a beach wedding but who don’t want to get in the sand. 

Here’s the dolphin tank which is where the ceremony takes place.  So far, so good.  No sign of fish yet.  

Alright, if you look at this next image really close, you’ll see yours truly!  I’m sitting there on the steps with my Nikon up to my face.  A few big dolphins were swimming by as I was taking this shot.  Now I know what you may be thinking.  I look pretty calm here.  Well, dolphins are mammals, not fish, so I’m totally okay with them!

Pay attention to the details in these, you really have to see this stuff in person to appreciate the thought and work that goes into these. 

What better way to end the post with a picture of one of my new friends.  

So, I leave you with this.  Everything turned out okay.  There were no fish and that electric eel must have been long gone because he was nowhere to be found. Big sigh of relief!

Thank you Dan and Barbara!  I had a great time and I always enjoy seeing you both and your beautiful work.  See you soon!